The folks at Tassie Surfrider were stoked to see the work of cleanup-crew member Kristy Theissling as a feature item in 2009’s Issue 296 of Surfing World magazine.

Kristy, a regular contributor to Surfing World magazine, also the General Manager of Surfrider Foundation Australia, thanks the boys behind the mag, Editor Adam Blake and artistic director Mathew Graham, for their support in the Tassie cleanup.

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Twelve environment-passionate volunteers are chosen every year to participate in the cleanup.

This years volunteers included Heath Matysek-Snyder, Dayna Trevaskis, James Dell, Kristy Theissling, Matt Dell, Dave Wyatt, Jenni Burden, Sophie Bestly, Leisa Osbourne, Bec Hubbard and Amanda Sully.

For a little more info on this years volunteers, check out The 2009 Cleanup Crew tab, or click here: https://surfridertassiemarinedebriscleanup.wordpress.com/the-2009-cleanup-crew/

We’re home!

We’re home! Surfrider Tassie Marine Debris Cleanup 2009

After eight days of cleaning marine debris from the beaches of Tasmania’s South West Wilderness World Heritage Area, the 2009 Surfrider Tassie Marine Debris Cleanup crew returned late on Thursday, April 9 into Dover with over 1.4 tonnes of rubbish in tow.

Twelve volunteers and participating fisherman and their boats, the Velocity, Pinta, Cheiftan G and the Miss Carmen, accumulated over 9,000 pieces of rubbish.

Beaches cleaned included South Cape Bay; East and West Cox’s Beach; Earles Point to Garden Point, Bond Bay; Hannant Inlet; Spain Bay and Big Trumpeter Bay.

For all latest press release, check out this page: https://surfridertassiemarinedebriscleanup.wordpress.com/were-home/

Cox’s Beach, East of Point Eric.

Rubbish collected: 503

Weather: overcast with occassional showers, and sunny patches.
Tide, sea: Low tide, light 5 know north-west winds, with 3.5 meter south west swell.

Most unusual item: A pre-1984 Sodium Chloride drip bag.
Most damaging item: gill net.

Big Trumpeter Beach

Rubbish collected: 140

Most damaging item: gill net.
Most interesting item: yellow road work warning light.

Conditions, fine. 10-15 south-westly winds on a 3 meter south-westerly swell.

West Cox’s Beach to Point Eric including campsite.

Rubbish total: 2,257

Most Interesting item: Cassette walkman.
Most damaging: gill net.

Overcast, windy and squalls. High tide, 10 knot nor-west winds, and a 4 meter south-west swell. Surf: 2-4 ft point break reef bottom location
The 2009 Crew

Surfing day as no safe access to beaches.
Conditions: Wind, hail, rain and inland snow.

Resupplied fresh water at Bathurst Channel.
Wakeboarded under Mount Stokes.
Returned to Bond Bay for mischief.

Bec out the back

Bec out the back

Amanda paddles for a wave

Amanda paddles for a wave

The most wild, elaborate landscape we have ever surfed in

The most wild, elaborate landscape we have ever surfed in